1. valery kaufman by hedi slimane for saint laurent fw 14/15

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  2. Grease (1978)

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  3. harpersbazaar:

    13 Ways To Improve Digestion Naturally 

    Photo Credit: Victor Demarchelier

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    You can just tell there’s some good gossip happening right now at the rehearsal for Prabal. 

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  5. 1950sunlimited:

    Gulfport, Mississippi 1954

    photo:Elliott Erwitt

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  8. Marlon Brando with his cat at home, circa 1950s

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  9. vogue:

    How much do you love this ahead-of-its-time 1938 Vogue cover?

    Surfer-girl style has come a long, long way. See its evolution on Vogue.com.

    Photographed by Toni Frissell, Vogue, December 15, 1938

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    Ballerina Mary Drage wearing a gown by Rappi for Vogue, December 1950.

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